Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Old Days

Chinese New Year is an event that I couldn't wait to celebrate when I was a kid. I was looking forward to overnight in my grandfather's house every year, all of the relatives will be there. It is a big family, so big that you may find it suffocating to fit in the small apartment sometimes, but I like it.

You can never get bored with the repeating routines every year, cause they happen once in a year. The aunties are so busy cooking and gossiping (I guess this year topic will be about my cousin brother's girlfriend) in the kitchen. The uncles make complaints about the government and as for us (kids/now teenagers) we glue our eyes on the TV screen at the back, playing PlayStation! Usually that is a non-girl area, so my sister is always forbidden there. She is one of the only two girls in the family, my cousin sister is too big to join us for PS. But I doubt my sis ever gives a damn to the rule? As sometimes she just hops in to cause interference.

Alex Lim and Benny Lim, my 2 cousin brothers, they are brothers, from Kuala Lumpur. Though we meet only once a year, but we never felt stranger to each other. They got everything, while I only got my PS One after I got 7 As for UPSR, and by the time PS One is outdated, everyone is crazy over PS 2, and now PSP and PS 3. They are brothers and they do what brothers do, they quarrel, every year. I take side, me and Alex will always gang up against Benny. We enjoy doing this.

Daniel and Alvin are older than us. They are brothers too, but no quarrel. Dan is a dentist, though I am going to end up like him but I seriously doubt we have any topic to talk about. Honestly I have no liking for him. Confidence is good but the excess of something good is bad, like him. In contrast, Alvin is humble, he is kind to everyone. Everyone likes him.

Hmm...I don't really know much about Han Xiang and Hooi Lin, not until recently HX started to FB chat with me. We talked a lot, about girls too, and he will always summarize by adding "Don't tell your mom, later she says I teach you bad" LOL.

This year might be the last year for me, to celebrate Chinese New Year here, after which I have to wait for a long time...very very long. Not only me, everyone is growing up, and going to different places. It is kinda weird to see Benny Lim playing PS at the back, ALONE, as Alex Lim is not coming back this year. You feel something definitely lost to not see the 2 brothers quarrel in the house, or fighting over the PS joysticks. The house is quiet this year, and will be more quiet for the coming few years...

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