Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot and Sexy

2 months passed and I already missing Malaysia terribly...

I starting to find my way out, and find myself can be independent if I want to.

My stay with Malay seniors reminds me a lot of my MRSM life. They like me cause I speak like them. People get attracted to you if you are willing to learn about them, their language & cultures. To think back, I have gone through a very different path. Being brought up in chinese primary, gone through a tough time in malay secondary and now angmo tertiary. I don't have any comfort zone, do I?

Pick up a stone and throw it randomly, there is a 0.9 probability that it will hit someone with iPhone in his/her pocket. iPhone makes people more independent... I solo-ed Adelaide city starting on my 3rd day here, with iPhone and google map I am invincible. But there is time when you are cursed, by your overconfidence in owning or over trusting your iPhone, just like what happened to me.. My iPhone was jammed and I didn't know how to reboot the system (now I know=) and I was so helpless in the middle of the city, I put pressure on my brain to recall the way to get back home (with iPhone I don't memorise the route cause my eyes will be glued all the time at the small blue pin in google map on my iPhone screen)

Cheers for free stay during my first 2 weeks, not to mention the free food that they provided. But it could be depressing when most of your friends have their own place and people still call you homeless. I sent thousands of emails to different agents but you can count the replies with 10 fingers. It was was... I wanted to give up on finding a house, I was desperate and so was my house-hunting-partner... If there is someone that I desperately need at the moment that would be my sister... She can do a better job than me.. Yet I managed to pull myself together and my effort paid off.. Getting a house and throw some people in doesn't make it home, there is a reason for the cheap rate that I get for the house (I feel proud when people get so surprised to know my rentals) I had to worry about the furniture after that... It took me 3 weeks to actually set up everything, it isn't enjoyable to spend 1 hour in assembling dining chair and to find out later that you still have 5 more to go.

Living for weeks without fridge and washer was no joke, you could die without them. I survived from malnutrition by having canned meat and vegetable until we own a fridge. Was trying to get a second hand one but it didn't work.. It is all about money saving here, you screwed if you don't..

People here are nice, really mean it...They are helpful, maybe some of them, I don't know, I am a newcomer..

It is a great opportunity to learn... Adaptation is still ongoing...