Friday, January 28, 2011

God's Favourite Son

Does God take side on His children? Well...for me, I think yes...I know cause I am always one of His favourite child. I am no genius, neither any great achiever in anything...Still able to recall back the time, when mom was so worried that I might be a retarded kid (joking, but I was stupid back then, note, I am not saying that I am clever now either) She did sacrifice a lot at the hard time, everyday few hours, sitting there teaching me how to write. In contrast, sis is always the brightest one at home, mom didn't worry about her at all, all the aunts like her. But I wasn't envy at all, I don't mind being the inferior one...really...I once thought that, if one day I end up to be a useless being with no job, I can always go to my sister, but of course now no more, the thought itself is so not cool to attract girls...

At that time, I bet no one would expect me to gain so much in my future. I was a good boy, although has no big brain but still good. I tried to rescue a trapped kitten, I fed random dogs at the roadside, I listened to my father and I say "I love you" to my mom. Not trying to promote myself but honestly I have a kind heart. And all the good deeds paid...with God's blessing...It was kinda shocking news to my primary teachers that I got 7 As in UPSR, my mom told me that her colleagues were surprised (so bad they all looked down on me!!!) and the success didn't end there...I am an all A student throughout my academic life, up to SPM level. If the "99% hard work + 1% luck" applies to everyone, then I guess I am an exception...I am never a very competitive student, I mean although I want to do good in my studies but it is not everything to me. I am sort of the "okay la, whatever also can la" person, but God doesn't let me to be okay with anything, He gives me the best in everything, He loves me too much, I always tell my sister that God loves me too much.

I got University of Adelaide, I still remember people told me that how impossible it is to get Dentistry in Australia, and I think they just got themselves slapped when this happened. If it wasn't my mom that keep telling every single living souls in Sungai Petani that I will be flying to Australia, I don't mind if I didn't get it. You know, it is kinda "no face" when your mom told everyone but you didn't make it in the end. Is it luck again this time? I don't know...I am not ATAR 99 or anything like that, if it wasn't luck then the only reasonable explanation will be the interview. I am NOT a really good speaker, but somehow I could feel that my interviewer was impressed (perhaps they were trained to act impressed in front of candidates) in some ways.

With great power comes great responsibilities, I am not spiderman but sometimes I feel burdened by great responsibilities. The higher I climb, the more hopes people put in's expectations...I am not the type of guy who is so committed in his job, I fool around and messing with people, and my sister called me "ni3 san1 xin1 liang3 yi4 de1 zhu1" that means "pig with no firm stand, always changing mind" (that's because she thinks I am not serious in my relationship, but in fact she didn't even know much about my personal life) So the conclusion is, I am not capable of taking things seriously (not relationship of course, I am a good guy). How could I bear with such great responsibilities? What people really concern is how high you can fly, but seldom people care about how tired you are, due to continuous flying...though sister always say to me that not everyone got the opportunity like me...

She is the best sister in the world...she filled my JPA form and I just need to sign all 3 contracts... And she always has faith in me, or in my luck. She takes things seriously, my things. Though we always quarrel, cause I am so irresponsible, but she never abandoned me, even if she is angry with me. For many times I feel like saying something touching to her but I guess I am just too ego-ish to express this, acting cool..Indeed everything she said is true, about the world outside, about being self-protective, although they are not pleasant to hear but they are all quite true... And now I am moving to the next stage of life, university...wish I could just accept the fact that everyone needs to grow up, like she always asks me to...

*I am so lucky that I scare that I will strike if I pray to God and go buy lottery =)

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